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Against heyday of OK combination, dang he Kiss 76 people team home of floor, dang he helpless of announced retired although REEBOK and Iverson common created has "history Shang second big signature shoes series", but due to REEBOK of propaganda, and development, and development planning, like is wear has a double shoes as, not like KD4 as in thumbs bent folding at many people will feel does not apply... Don't know how KD endures ... Saying it won't be one reason for the delays in the renewal of, right? A lot of people worry that while the second hard Hyperposite material will lace ankle part appears after the foot of? I tied the laces tight enough, sport can feel no discomfort. Tongue mesh material fit is quite high, about 1 hour outdoors without slidinadidas springblade razor uk   or ankles. Here I suggest you fasten, where possible, first take into account packages, followed by the upper level is relatively low, if lace is not tight, I worry about the emergence of ankle foot phenomenon. Stay on the upper, too long tend to have stacked drag sensation. This ride Distribution is well g  adidas js wings 2.0 uk   suited both men and women, black skinny pants elongate the leg line, red sneakers, and tied at the waist, echoing the Red Plaid Shirt, his shirt and a denim vest, feeling young and uninhibited. If you're lucky enough to naturally have a pair and straight and thin long legs, Xiao bian recommended you can also try hot pants + shoes match, shoes low cut and Hi-the difference is that if you have long legs don't try to high shoes. If you have a "capital" upper body just with simple t-shirts, whole fresh and full of enthusiasm, moisture thriving! Hi sneakers skillfully mix if you are wearing a straight so you can choose a high help shoes, then you have two options, one is to cover the shoe light trousers down, of course, if your upper is very personal, you can