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90 points or more. Because the sole is not lines, induction particles depends entirely on 76 soles soles provide friction, better grip than herringbone pattern, but the sole induction grain is soft and can be deformed, so these shoes stability slightly less, only suitable for walking, jogging, and is not very suitable for stren adidas basket profi up uk  uous sports, such as badminton, basketball, racing runs. Doesn't know what the future will be a Real Flex at Reebok basketball shoes of the improved technology. Remark: due to the absence of heat and sweat a lot, opposite the feet are dry. But for a pair of daily training runs, it applies to ordinary people look good on the performance indicators provided, although let it be running horse Running loose or the wild feel a great burden, but shoes are special is the greatest theme for you run. New generation, new design incorporates upper, with new outsole, LunarGlide 6 gave a test I have enjoy  adidas energy boost 2 uk ed the tour. Somewhat mediocre compared to the previous generation of shape and color design, the launch of the "new generation" is done in these two areas very fit people running and stylish new concept. Flywire Lunarlon this good "partner" on the LunarGlide 6 pair of shoes again in order to show us their intimate cooperation, and integration with other technologies is pretty good, "new generation" do bring us a new feeling. Cheng also has a surprise new sneakers. When he saw the Jordan CP3. VIII to his feet, I wouldn't blame the shoes his feet. Disappointment is that SF3 from any point of view there is no features to speak of, there is no breakthrough, no highlights and rather boring shoes 。 So I can't think of what contributes to the title has got to be the title of the party. Let me explain origins of the poor, issues players who grew up on the streets; 96 golden generation; the dwarf champion show in NBA history; "I don't wanna be Michael Jordan"; not with coach; tattoo; played hurt; blood on Jersey; United States basketball dream team captain, 11-time NBA all-star ... ... For Allen fans can count his many, many stories. You can criticize him will not be organized, you can criticize his high hit rate, you can ridicule his less stable three-point, but never questioned his courage, perseverance, loyalty and devotion. In NBA history has too many too many star players deserve to be praised, but Allen is definitely will make you move. When his own force